RED and NIR Light Benefits

Our Red and Near-Infrared light devices delivers very safe and powerful wavelengths of therapeutic natural light to your skin with sessions as short at 3 minute to as long as 10 minutes depending on the desired benefit of that session. These wavelength in the 600-900 nanometer range stimulates the cells in your body to allow them to create cellular energy more efficiently. Through this process of increasing cellular efficiency the body is able to increase its natural healing process, decrease inflammation, reduce pain, and increase collagen production.

There are a lot of benefits to exposure to red and near infrared light but we have decided to only list a couple and briefly describe them below. For more detailed information, please hit us up via this contact form.


Perhaps the most popular and the widely used benefit to red and NIR light is for anti-aging. Through the process of increasing cellular energy and effiectcy red and near infrared light has been shown to increase collagen production and aid in the removal or reduction of wrinkles, eczema, cuts, burns, cellulite and other skin issues. Physically therapy companies have been using this technolgy for many years to heal wounds after surgery and salon and spas all over the world have been using red light on the face to reduce wrinkles, reduce and remove sun damage and other facial skin issues. This is also probably the most visible benefit to our lights. And when your freinds ask you what you have been doing different to your skin please mention us!


Near-infrared light reduces overall inflammation in the body by decreasing the presence of inflammatory markers. This reduction can help ease the symptoms associated with joint pain, sore muscles, autoimmune diseases, arthritis, traumatic brain injuries, and spinal cord injuries.


It is believed that when red and near-infrared light affects adipocytes, which are cells that store fat, it causes the lipids to be released from the fat cell. In other words, light therapy allows the fat cells to be broken down and converted back to glucose so the body can use that for energy. It is also believed that the dilatation of the blood vessel also plays a accompanying role in this process.

In the past people always believed that to lose the fat in trouble areas that you need to exercise or workout the muscles in those areas. We now know that this method doesnt work. Typically the circulation of the blood in those areas are weaker. This can be tested using a thermometer on the skin. By using the red and near-infared light to increase circulation, the trouble areas are more easily accessed as fuel buy burning that fat for energy.


Using red and nearinfrared light on specific muscles has shown to be effective in reducing muscle damage and oxidative stress that they may receive from intense exercises while increasing the recovery time and adaption of the muscles to that exercise. In short, you have less damage, recover quicker and build muscles faster.


When red and near infrared light hits our skin cells, our photoreceptors release their bond with nitric oxide and bond with oxygen allowing the cells to produce energy (in the form of ATP). This energy is used to carry out the processes of that cell. The best time of day to adsorb this wavelength naturally is at sunrise or sunset. That is when there is no damaging UV in the suns light. If you miss those times of day, then by using our light devices you can supplement to increase your cellular energy and allow your body to build and heal as it should.


Red and near infrared light is used in the context of hair regrowth, and numerous studies have shown it to be effective for this purpose. This is likely due to local blood vessel dilation and its anti-inflammatory effects. These benefits combined with improved cellular energy, nitric oxide release and increased blood circulation is believed to be what helps hair follicles stay in the growth phase, grow more hair, and re-enter the growth phase instead of dying off. All of this should add to less hair loss and further hair growth.


Red light at the proper times of day can boost melatonin production and help you get to sleep and regenerate your cells the way nature intended.


Near-infrared light wavelengths reduce overall pain by easing joint stiffness and soreness, diminishing inflammation, easing muscles spasms and enhancing blood flow.

None of these statements have been confirmed by the FDA.