Orange Flame Light Bulb (zero blue light)


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Looking for a relaxing and soothing evening light bulb to add that perfect vibe to your pad? Look no farther than our orange LED flame light! These light bulbs are great for settling down your nervous system and easing into the evening. The gentle flicker of the light bulb feels very similar to a candle flame yet without the danger of catching your place on fire.

Whether you are using these in the family room for a circadian rhythm friendly light, in a bed room to produce that romantic setting, or on the front porch to illuminate the exterior of your house, these lights will not disturb your body or the surrounding nature. Safe, fun, relaxing and awesome!

This light bulb actually comes with 3 modes. The first mode is the flame mode. These second mode is just solid orange. The third mode is a breathing mode that slowly fades from on to off. To change modes all you have to do is turn off the light and turn it back on.

Orange LED flame