Night Prowler – Yellow Lens Blue Light Blockers (Daytime)

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DAYTIME USAGE – These yellow lens blue light blockers are designed to be worn during the day during the following activities:

– Inside under artificial lighting.
– Inside while working or looking at any LED screen. (laptops, IPAD, phone, TV, etc)
– Driving inside a car with the windows up.
– Driving in a car while its raining.
– Driving at night time. (our night time blue blockers (orange and red lenses) block too much blue light and are unsafe to wear while driving at night)

Wearing these glasses during the daytime while indoors you will be doing multiple things. You will be protecting your eyes from dangerous high energy wavelengths (specifically blue) that are prominent in LED lighting and devices. You will be protecting your mitochondria, the very thing that creates the energy for your cells.

BLOCKING BLUE LIGHT can reduce eye strain, head aches and migraines.

PROTECT YOUR EYES from the damages of BLUE LIGHT and start noticing the difference immediately.