Red LED Night Light – Set of 2

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When it is time to sleep there should not be any lights on around you that have any blue or green spectrum wavelengths present. These wavelengths will activate the light sensor in your eye; Melanopsin.

Melanopsin is specifically sensitive to shorter wavelengths and is tied directly to your circadian rhythm. Red light has not been shown to disrupt your master clock during the night and should not interfere with your sleep.

These lights are perfect for bathrooms, bedrooms, hallways and kitchens. Mandatory for a infant or a childs bedroom to allow them to see around the room and feel safe yet not interrupt their sleep patterns that are crucial for brain development.

These night lights will turn on when they sense dark and turn off when they sense light. .3 Watt LED. 40 Lumens. These night lights have recently been updated to have even less flicker than before!

Sold in a pack of two.
Very Low flicker.

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