Red Light Bulb 5w

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Create a healthy indoor or outdoor environment with your eyes and your circadian rhythm in mind! Modern energy efficient lights damage the photoreceptors in our eyes because they are not providing a balance spectrum of energy. Its time to adapt and overcome!

These Red Light Bulbs will block all of blue light and all of green light.

Our Orange Light Bulbs will block all blue light and most of green light.

These red light bulbs are perfect for a couple different purposes:

The first is to use after sunset as you are winding down for bedtime. These lights are free of the stimulating blue and green frequencies and will help your body naturally settle down and prepare for sleep. They provide plenty of red light for reading in the evening and for use in a hallway or bathroom. A lot of our customers will have an overhead light in their kids rooms with a daytime light and then in the evening turn that off and turn on a lamp on a nightstand with one of these red light bulbs.

The second purpose these lights serve is to add the red frequencies back into a room that is using modern lighting that is typically energy efficient and void of any red light. Also modern windows block a very large percentage of infrared light. By adding red back into an indoor environment you are helping to create a healthy balance.

So by using these lights either during the day to help balance the spectrum or by using them by themselves in the evening after sunset or in the morning before sunrise you are allowing your body and mind sync with nature and you will be avoiding many potential eye and nervous system problems!


CRI 85


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