Chillax – Evening lamp (Light Bulb Included)

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It is so important to get proper sleep. Sleep is when we repair all of the damage from the day. Getting good sleep begins before you close your eyes at night. You need to reduce the brightness of the indoor lights as well as selecting a color that has longer wavelengths. Using light bulbs that are ORANGE or RED in the evening allows your nervous system to settle down.

Please select from the option below to choose the light bulbs you would like to receive with your lamp. One light bulb will come with each lamp purchases.

You can choose from one of 2 light bulbs:

RED light bulb 5w
Orange Light Bulbs 5w

One lamp and one light bulbs is included.
Base is black in color.
Shade is beige and white.
Easy to assemble.
Switch on power cord.
Comes with your choice of light bulb. (choose light bulb in drop down)
Height is 13 inches.
UL listed chord, switch and socket.

Additional information

Light Bulb

Red Light Bulb 5w, Orange Light Bulb 5w, Orange Flame Bulb

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