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Heart and Liver Benefit from Red Light Therapy

Researcher have found that one specific mechanism of red and near infrared light therapy is that these longer wavelengths of light are able to penetrate into cells and activate the mitochondria, directly leading to increased cellular energy production.

Our heart and liver are packed with mitochondria, because they work constantly to pump blood, provide life, filter out toxins and protect us from toxic damage.

The brain is also packed with mitochondria. So are all the organs, tissues, skin, and especially muscles, which power us throughout the day.

The mitochondria are the batteries that fuel the processes of our organs. So things which enhance the mitochondria translate into more cellular energy inside the cell, which allows the cell or organ ( e.g. brain, heart, liver, skin, muscles, etc) to work optimally.

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Declining eyesight can be improved by looking at red light, pilot study says – CNN ARTICLE

I couldn’t be happier to see some of the larger new sources spreading the good word about the benefits of red light therapy for eye sight. “A few minutes of looking into a deep red light could have a dramatic effect on preventing eyesight decline as we age, according to a new study published this week in The Journals of Gerontology.” Deep red light refers to a small spectrum of red light that ranges between 650nm – 950nm. Ours lights here at Midwest red Light therapy are 660nm and 850nm. So yes, our lights fall in that deep red frequency. Enjoy the article!


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Immune Support and Red Light Therapy

Immune Support

Red light therapy is known to substantially increase Nitric Oxide production. Recent studies have demonstrated Nitric Oxide specifically inhibits the replication cycle of SARS CoV, most probably during the early steps of infection, suggesting that the production of Nitric Oxide results in an antiviral effect.

When we incorporate Red light therapy along with other aspects of a healthy lifestyle such as circadian rhythm optimization, a nutritious diet, proper sleep, exercise and stress reduction we will be keeping our cellular energy production and our immune system working optimally and ready to response to any viral or bacterial threats.

Stay healthy my friends!

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Red and near infrared light therapy is highly effective in treating inflammation. It suppresses inflammation and reduces the production of pro-inflammatory cytokines, which dramatically reduces inflammation throughout the body

Red light has been shown to decrease inflammation wherever mitochondria are present. Recent studies are exploring the possibilities of using red light therapy to treat autoimmune diseases which originate from inflammation. Studies have shown that red and near infrared light therapy can have an anti-inflammatory effects on par with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs NSAIDs.

In general red light therapy powerfully down regulates the bodies inflammation pathways and has been shown to be crucial in disease prevention and promoting longevity.

If you or someone you know is struggling with inflammation, maybe its time to give red light therapy a try!