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Let’s start with the most important question that most people have when they receive their first Red Light Therapy device. When should I use it? 🤷🏼‍♀️

You can use your red light therapy device anytime between sunrise and sunset. Sunlight contains 42% of infrared light so  this makes it a very natural time to receive these light frequencies.

However, I typically recommend people using the light as close to sunrise as possible. It’s a great way to start the day and it will provide you extra energy to get your day started on the right foot.

Sunset is also another great time to use your light. At this time some people find that it helps repair the damage from the day and helps them relax and improve sleep quality.

Just don’t use the light after sunset and close to bedtime because it could slow or stop the release of your nighttime hormone melatonin and negatively affect your sleep.

Stick to this guide and you will be using your light therapy device safely and you will receive the full benefits! 

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Every eukaryotic cell in a persons body has one or many thousand cellular power plants called the mitochondrion. These mitochondria are responsible for providing most of the required ENERGY (in the form of ATP) for cells. ATP is the chemical responsible for energy release within cells that drives a multitude of cellular and physiological functions including those directly related to injury repair and pain relief.

When a cell is damaged through injury or trauma, the mitochondrion, figuratively speaking, curls up like a hedgehog. Once this happens, the production of ATP is drastically reduced, or even ceased. As a result, the rate of healing slows dramatically.

Cells exposed to red and infrared light therapy at the right frequency, causes the mitochondrion to spring into action almost immediately producing increased amounts of ADP. The ADP then links with free oxygen singlets to produce ATP. Again, infra-red light increases the production of ATP in damaged or resting mitochondria.

This is the basis for why you feel tingling when using the light on an injury, The pain starts the decrease and why you start to heal immediately. Speed heal your injuries with red light therapy!

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“One of the impressive and perspective challenges for photobiomodulation is its use in cases of Parkinson’s disease. Research in recent years evidenced that neuroprotective treatment with red and near infrared radiation (NIR) prevented mitochondrial dysfunction and dopamine loss in Parkinson’s disease patients.2 In another set of experiments, NIR normalized mitochondrial movement and axon transport, as well as stimulating respiration in cytoplasmic hybrid (“cybrid”) neurons.3,4 It is important to recall that reduced axonal transport contributes substantially to the degeneration of neuronal processes in Parkinson’s disease.”

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When the light penetrates through the epidermal and dermal skin layers, it increases circulation to help form new capillaries. It also increases collagen production and fibroblasts. Fibroblasts in our skin synthesize collagen, maintain connective tissue and are integral to wound healing. Red therapy light improves collagen levels naturally by triggering the body to produce more of its own The natural way. Since collagen comprises about 70% of the protein in our skin, it’s a big deal.

Increased collagen doesn’t just give the skin a wrinkle free glow, but its ability to improve joint health makes it great for arthritis sufferers. It can be helpful for those with a variety of painful musculoskeletal issues. The increased circulation and anti-inflammatory effects that red therapy light provides also help reduce pain and heal the body.

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In a 2011 study on red light therapy and cellulite reduction, women ages 25-55 were divided into two groups: some did treadmill exercise + red light therapy twice a week, while the other group just did treadmill exercise. The researchers presented thermographic photographs of the changes in thigh circumference and cellulite to demonstrate that red light therapy and exercise was more effective than just exercise alone. The study concluded that treadmill exercise and red light therapy in conjunction can improve body aesthetics.