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It is well know that sun bathing is one the best ways to maintain a healthy body and mind. Through the absorption of UVB our body converts cholesterol to vitamin d. Some of the benefits are proper blood circulation, immune system maintenance, increases calcium absorption and strengthens bone. Just to name a few.

However here are a couple other little known facts about the vitamin d:

  • Vitamin d is a hormone and not a vitamin
  • Vitamin d is made through the skin from the absorption of UVB.Best time of day to make vitamin d is at solar noon.
  • Due to air pollution and smog issues it is harder to make vitamin d in large cities.
  • Vitamin d is fat soluble needing fat / cholesterol for absorption.
  • Age will decrease your skin’s ability to make vitamin D3 from sunlight and cholesterol.
  • Seafood is one of the few foods high in Vitamin D levels.
  • Humans have a Vitamin D savings bank in our body that can store the hormone for up to 2 month.
  • A pill is not the same as getting it from the sun because it needs to be sulfated.
  • Sunscreens may block up to 98% of UVB and UVA and prevent you from making vitamin d.
  • Vitamin d is a natural antibiotic.

So get outside and soak up some sunshine. If you are wondering how much sun expose is safe for you where you live, I recommend the app D-Minder. It uses your location and altitude to tell you when you have been in the sun too long and sick getting solar erythema (aka sunburn).