Big Kahuna – Full Body Panel

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“Big Kahuna’ is a super powerful red and near infrared light therapy device. The light is more powerful (600 watts) and covers more of your body than our “Game Changer” (236 watts) or our half body panel “El Fuego” (300 watt).

So powerful that it can be used to treat deep into the skin to reach different tendons, muscles, ligaments and even strong enough to penetrate through bone to provide the deepest treatment possible. Our device is almost 25% stronger than most of the devices on the market!

With this power you are able to stand farther away from this device and it will treat a very large surface area of your skin to treat for any skin issues you may have or to increase the collagen production and make you look years younger.

Other devices on the market will not be nearly as powerful as this. Which means you will have to stand much closer to their devices which puts you in the EMF zone and untimely puts your body at risk.

This unit has very low flicker! Most of the devices on the market flicker real bad but this flicker isn’t seen through your eyes but felt on a cellular level. Don’t believe me, simply take a slo-mo video of their device and play it back.

WAVELENGTH: 50% 660nm and 50% 850nm

WATTAGE: 600 watts

DIMENSIONS: 36″ x 8.5″ x 3″

WEIGHT: 17 lbs

100% money back guarantee for 1 month. 1 year warranty.

Very Strong, Very Low Flicker!