Piranha (Battery Powered)

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The ‘Piranha’ is a fully portable, rechargeable battery powered red and near infrared light therapy device. This device is meant to be taken with you wherever you go! The Piranha is battery powered so during use you do not need it connected to the power grid which makes this the lowest EMF levels of any of our Red Light Therapy devices!

Our Piranha red light therapy device is the most compact handheld device on the market. It features a lithium ion battery that will last weeks at a time on a single charge. This handheld red light therapy device will change the game when it comes to always having your light therapy wherever you may go!

This device has many features that separate this therapy device from all the others on the market. Some of these features include:

– The Lowest EMF levels yet!
– A built in timer.
– The ability to just use red or just use near infrared light or a combination of both lights.
– A brightness feature to turn down the brightness for use on more delicate areas of the body or to crank up the strength to penetrate deeply in to the body.
– A carry pouch to protect the device during travel.
– Only weighs 1.1lb.

This device has very low flicker! Most of the devices on the market flicker real bad however this flicker isn’t seen through your eyes but felt on a cellular level.

WAVELENGTH: 50% 660nm and 50% 850nm

DIMENSIONS: 6″ x 4″ x 1.5″

WEIGHT: 1.1lb

100% money back guarantee for 1 month. 3 month warranty.

Very Strong, Low Flicker, Portable!