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Red Light Therapy and Inflamation


One of the benefits to using red and near infrared light is its ability to help with inflammation and pain. After an injury there is typically a lot of swelling and inflammation. Immediately after using our therapy light, photons in the near infrared wavelength release nitric oxide from the cells mitochondria. When the nitric oxide is released it acts a potent vasodilator, relaxing the arteries and increasing blood flow to the injured area and allowing the healing process to begin. This process only takes a couple minutes of light therapy.

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Mitochondria and ATP

Infrared light INCREASES energy production within the mitochondria. The Mitochondria (otherwise referred to as the powerhouse of your cells) is where your body makes energy within your cell.

Infrared light from the sun makes ATP (the energy currency) within the cell WITHOUT THE NEED of food electrons. 42% of sunlight is composed of infrared light.

A 155 lb man has to make 187 bls of ATP per day. In other words his body must produce his entire weight plus 30 pounds of ATP every single day. One third of these electrons for ATP come from FOOD and the other two thirds comes from SUNLIGHT or at least they’re supposed to.

However people these days are not getting the proper amount of sunlight as they used to. Perhaps that is why people are eating more food then they need to and adding more weight to their bodies than they need to.

The more sunlight you get the less food you need and your body will have the energy to be healthy and happy!

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Red Light Therapy and Testosterone

Red light therapy has been shown to stimulate ATP production, increase the energy available to your Leydig cells as well as boost Leydig cell activity in your testicles, and as a result this increases testosterone levels.

So your two options are stand naked outside at sunrise or use a personal and portable red light therapy device in the privacy of your home.

And yes women need testosterone too, to maintain their bone health and keep their brain functioning optimally. When testosterone goes south women experience issues with osteopenia, osteoporosis, memory loss, depression and low energy.